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::: m e a n d e r i n g s ::: electro.ambient.ethno.trip.chill.other variety

focused on chillout, ambient, and some ethnic-flavored electronic music ::: includes releases from labels such as ninja tune, waveform, fax, pork, wordsound, mindspore, newdog, etc ::: features artists such as neotropic, pete namlook, loop guru, global communication, we, jhno, etc

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  weekend jetlag + other ways to kill 48 hours [indust.ambi.dark.goth.rock.other]

a good cross-section of the various goth, darkwave, industrial, electro and dark ambient stuff i amuse myself with sometimes... hopefully others find amusement in the stream + maybe be introduced to some artists/songs they haven't heard before

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[+ best of most worlds +] traditional+pop+worldbeat sounds from around the globe

playing a whole bunch of pop and traditional world and wordbeat tunes from my collection - anything from angelique kidjo and baaba maal (africa) to anastasia (macedonia) to rachid taha (algeria/france) to varttina and wimme (scandinavia)

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  long playing microgroove ((( space age cool + retro lounge sounds )))

cool, hip, uncool and unhip retro songs from easy listening to jazz to lounge to spaceage pop... great stuff to party to or just listen for the fun of it

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genre-defying [-- juxtapositions --]

everything, anything and everything else... so much as i hate to label any music mix "ecelctic", my thesaurus just ain't coming up with any other good descriptors for this

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  ~{ l i q u e s c e n t }~ tunes to melt you into a puddle

streaming mostly newage, ambient, ethnic-flavored newage/worldfusion, and a little bit of classical... nice, mellow, unassuming tunes to use as a great atmospheric background for just about anything

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hanging * in a groovy purple shirt

subtitle: --:- i wuz a teenage alterno-babe -:--

a little of the usual, if not expected, 80s tunes - but plenty of others that were perhaps not as popular or well-known... with some leanings towards the new wave, goth, and unusual

this is all stuff that i dug + dig, and a lot i still listen to today (go figure). ah, child of the 80s...

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  --| aural.debris |-- electronic + triphop + ambient + downtempo + alternative

some of my favorites on mp3.com

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